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“Extremely happy with our Tombstone Jack, and just received the go ahead for another 15 monuments to re-level this week. Can't thank you enough for this terrific equipment.  Also two weeks ago we tackled a project that I took on last fall re-leveling 2 concrete grave covers (4ft x 8ft x 8in thick). We had to think outside the box, and this was our solution.”

-Brett S.

“I paid for my Tombstone Jack in two days of work ... I leveled over 500 monuments from Jan 8 - Feb 28, 2018 with my wife and 9 year old grandson. I was paid over $40,000 for this work. The Tombstone Jack was a tremendous blessing and made it possible for us to do this job with safety, capacity and full confidence!”

-Paul C.

“I have used the tombstone  jack for many years! 

Serving cemeteries  from Columbus  Ohio  to Lakewood  Colorado. I have used it on probably  over 10,000 monuments  and continue  to use it!!! Without  my Tombstone Jack I would not be able to straighten  and service  the amount  of monuments  I fix in a timely  matter. I am extremely  pleased!”

-Curt Heisinger

“We are going into our 3rd year at Gravestone Restoration LLC using the Tombstone Jack by TotalEPS. The equipment is very strong, extremely mobile, and easy to assemble and use. The TJ4200 provides us the best solution to leveling gravestones and Michael is extremely helpful making sure we use the equipment to its fullest potential. We had chosen to use the manual handles on our jacks and use a garden wagon for easy deployment in cemeteries. Maintenance is also very simple needing only grease the interior of the jacks after a year’s worth of usage. Cleaning and care are also easy, the parts of the TJ4200 are powder-coated and simply wiping off the equipment after use has kept our equipment in great shape and working order.  We look forward to the purchase of additional equipment as our business continues to grow.”

-Dave Hendricks

"If not for the Tombstone Jack, the physical labor involved in re-leveling headstones would be significantly more challenging. Give it a try once, witness its remarkable capabilities. It's truly astonishing, a pivotal tool for my profession. Our work extends across hilly terrain, and we've employed the Tombstone Jack with equal success on both level ground and sloping landscapes. I extend my gratitude for providing such a versatile and invaluable piece of equipment!"

-Burke Greear

Even though not all monuments require the use of this tool, my team has found it extremely helpful, making their efforts much safer and efficient to complete the project at hand. This has been a great investment, thank you for creating it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for that “better way”.

-Tony Andary

"In 2.5 years I made close to $200,000 with my Tombstone Jack."

-Nick Kuebler

“Tombstone Jack is about craftsmanship that delivers capacity with confidence to truly help communities improve their character.

We provide tremendous equipment and coaching...”

-Michael John Andersen

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