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TJ 4200

Up to 12,000 lbs. of monument capacity

The Tombstone Jack™ is engineered capacity, for your safety and total productive confidence.


There are two different parts, 1- the Clamps (3,500 Lb.) and 2- the Lift feet (12,000 Lb.)

Not all lifts will require a wood pad to be under the Jacks, but the ground can be soft, which may cause the Jacks to be pushed into the ground while lifting a monument. We suggest that you have some good ¾” plywood pads - 8” x 12” up to 12” x 12” (spread the load) For your many projects, an assortment of 1”x 4” and 2”x 4” lumber in various lengths will help you customize a safe and productive work environment.

The Clamp N Lift rubber pads are super grippy and also replaceable, but if you take care of them you should never need to replace them. If you need to lift a rough-cut monument we suggest that you remove the rubber pads and replace them with 4”x 4” x 1- 1 ½” thick wood such as you might cut from a 2”x 6” board – install these in the special clamp brackets with the same screws that hold the rubber pads, and you are good to go.

Photo 1.JPEG

Clamp N Lift - up to 3,500 lbs. Granite weighs up to 175 lbs. per cubic foot.

It is important to grease the screw after every 100 lifts. See the label on each Jack for instructions!

Clamp and lift setup

Lift feet setup- lift monuments to 12,000 Lbs.

Inspect and maintain clean equipment always - ensuring that no debris like dirt, sand, and gravel ever gets into the Jack’s screw assembly or the Clamp screw and nut bracket assembly - take apart and clean as needed.

Note: A good and clean screw and nut clamp bracket will produce up to 10,000 Lbs. of clamp pressure with 100-foot pounds of torque - Call us if you do not understand this, we want you to perfectly understand so that your work can be accomplished with total confidence.

 Note: Jacks and Lift feet rated for 3,000 lbs. each x 4 = 12,000 total monument weight capacity.

Lift feet with the safety strap, correctly set


The unit comes standard with a 2” safety strap. Securely wrap around the monument and the 4-lift feet, now ratchet

tight to ensure a safe and solid lift. If there are cracks in the foundation where you desire to lift or clamp and lift, inspect and consider lifting in a different place so you will not damage the monument and further cause potential safety issues in the process.

Clamp N Lift

Safe set up with the lift feet and ratchet strap!

Tombstone Jack™ is about 1st safety, 2nd capacity, and 3rd total confidence!

Clamp N Lift is a no-digging proposition - you’ll love it!

16-year-old Emily safely lifts this 7,900 lb. monument off the ground, using the lift feet for a new gravel foundation.                                                                                   

Elite wagon organizing kit safely & quickly moves your equipment.

We have designed some dynamic tools to assist you in this important work of leveling monuments, tombstones, and tablets:


  1. The hoe: Its tapered heavy-duty blade on the end of a 1”x 1”x 36” handle is designed to push and pull the gravel under the monument to a level grade. No need to put your hands and or arms under the monument for a manual approach.

  2. The Digging, tamp, and pry bar: This tremendous tool is meant to be strong and supportive in all aspects of your cemetery work, serious digging, and prying. When the dirt and grass are shoveled back in, you can utilize the tamper to ensure total grass placement.


These items are a powder-coated almond color so they will not absorb heat to burn your hands from hot summer workdays.

We designed and engineered this equipment for you, and it is manufactured by real craftsmen in the USA at our Southern California factory. 


  • Note: People are injured and even have died in cemeteries due to unsafe monuments and work practices. Craftsmanship and design are a part of every project, no matter how simple.


If you ever have a question, call or FaceTime us directly at 660-605-0259!

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