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Tombstone Jack™ 2023

Have you ever wanted to straighten your family’s tilted gravestone monument?  Have you ever wanted to start a business helping family’s or cemeteries that would like this service?  Would you like to be able to do this without the heavy equipment and cranes that are normally involved?

The most advanced and versatile tombstone-monument lifting equipment on the planet, and it’s ready to ship. Made by real craftsmen in Gallatin Missouri, USA.

Safety and lack of strength makes using a pry-bar a dangerous project. Seeing some people attempt to lift heavy tombstones using a pry-bar just concerned us for their safety, plus the potential for damage to the monument itself.  Our TJ Cowboy is just the solution you need. 


Tombstone Jack™ is about confidence and new capacities. 

We assist our customers with imagination and determination every day as they work to improve the character of their communities and cemeteries, one precious grave at a time.



Founder and President

Meet Michael, a visionary who has woven a remarkable tapestry of life, brimming with aspirations turned into reality. With a family that's been a constant source of blessings, he's cherished 36 years of marital bliss, where shared dreams have blossomed into incredible achievements. The path behind him is adorned with accomplishments and the road ahead shines with boundless optimism. A true beacon of inspiration, Michael finds profound fulfillment in assisting customers, whom he sees as new friends, to conquer their objectives and savor the sweet taste of success.

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Director of Marketing

Meet Sarah, who specializes in all things marketing. Sarah graduated with her Bachelor's degree in marketing from Utah State University. She has a proven track record in digital marketing strategies and campaigns. She specializes in crafting impactful campaigns that resonate with target audiences and drive impactful results.

Through her education and background as a Social Media Marketing Manager, she possesses a unique blend of skills that spans both elevating brands and maximizing audience engagement in the digital sphere. Her passion for innovation, combined with a deep understanding of consumer behavior, allows her to craft compelling marketing strategies that resonate in today's dynamic digital landscape.

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Sales Representative

Meet Justin, a beacon of positivity and compassion in the world of sales. With unwavering confidence in our company and its offerings, he approaches his role with genuine care. Justin goes beyond the conventional salesperson's approach – he's a true friend to his customers, dedicated to enriching their lives through the products he represents. His warm demeanor and genuine desire to make a difference set him apart, making every interaction an opportunity for meaningful connection and value.

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