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Who Uses the Tombstone Jack?

The Tombstone Jack, also known as the TJ 4200, is revolutionizing the way tablets, tombstones and monuments are lifted and straightened. Designed with precision engineering and user-friendly features, this innovative tool is quickly becoming indispensable for a wide range of users in the cemetery maintenance and preservation field. But who exactly is the Tombstone Jack for? Let’s explore the various groups who can benefit from this powerful equipment.

Cemetery Maintenance Teams

For cemeteries with dedicated maintenance teams, the Tombstone Jack is a game-changer. These teams, often composed of both employees and volunteers, are responsible for the safety first in their cemetery plus upkeep and preservation of tablets, headstones and monuments. With the Tombstone Jack, they can efficiently and safely lift and straighten these priceless personal markers, ensuring the cemetery remains a respectful and serene place for visitors. The tool's ease of use means that volunteers, even those without extensive training, can quickly become proficient. 

Volunteers and Community Groups

Many people see cemetery maintenance as a labor of love, donating their time and expertise to preserve the final resting places of loved ones and community members. For these volunteers, the Tombstone Jack offers a way to perform this important work safely and efficiently.

Community groups and historical societies often undertake projects to restore and maintain older cemeteries. The Tombstone Jack provides them with a professional-grade tool that simplifies the process, making it safer work and possible to tackle more significant projects and ensure the longevity of these important historical sites.

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

For those looking to build a business in the niche field of cemetery maintenance and restoration, the Tombstone Jack is an essential piece of equipment. Cemeteries often do not want to handle the physical work of lifting and straightening tombstones themselves, thus providing a business opportunity for enterprising individuals.

Starting a business with the Tombstone Jack allows entrepreneurs to offer a specialized service that is in demand but not widely available. This can include contracting with local cemeteries, municipalities, and private clients to maintain and restore their priceless monuments to ensure they are kept in the best possible condition.

Historical Preservationists

Historical preservationists focused on maintaining the integrity of older cemeteries will find the Tombstone Jack invaluable. This tool allows for the careful lifting and straightening of tombstones, preserving their historical value and preventing further damage.

Preservationists often work on projects that require meticulous attention to detail and care. The Tombstone Jack is designed to handle delicate operations with precision, ensuring that historical markers and monuments are lifted in a delicate and craftsmanship like manner that are always treated with the respect and care they deserve.

Family Members and Individuals

For family members who wish to volunteer personally, they can assist cemetery managers in maintaining the graves of their loved ones, and the Tombstone Jack provides an accessible solution. This tool enables individuals to take on the task of lifting and straightening headstones themselves, ensuring that the final resting places of their loved ones are maintained with personal care and attention.

Donation Programs and Community Efforts

Some communities and organizations may also consider the Tombstone Jack for donation programs, where they provide equipment and training to volunteers and local groups. This can foster a sense of community involvement and ensure that cemeteries are well-maintained without placing the entire burden on professional services. Tombstone Jack personnel are always ready and eager to help train by phone, Zoom or FaceTime calls, so that volunteers and workers can utilize this equipment with confidence, imagination, and craftsmanship.


The Tombstone Jack is versatile and essential equipment for all involved in the maintenance and preservation of tablets, tombstones and monuments. Whether you are part of a cemetery maintenance team, a volunteer, an entrepreneur, a historical preservationist, or a dedicated family member, this innovative tool offers the reliability and ease of use needed to perform your work efficiently and safely. By investing in the Tombstone Jack, you are ensuring that the resting places of your loved ones are treated with the utmost care and respect, preserving history and maintaining the dignity of our cemeteries for generations to come.

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