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Tombstone Jack™ vs. Traditional Methods for Straightening Monuments

When it comes to straightening tilted monuments, traditional methods can be both expensive and time-consuming. The Tombstone Jack™ offers a unique and reusable alternative that not only simplifies the process but also saves you a significant amount of money.

Traditional Methods to Straighten Tilted Monuments

Grouting and Injection

  • Injecting a cementitious mixture into the ground to stabilize and lift the monument. Can be expensive and time-consuming, and this hard material could become a problem in the future - plain gravel is best because you can simply add or remove a little during the next possible issue in 17 years. 

Helical Piers

  • Using screw-like piers to support and stabilize the foundation. Costs can add up with multiple piers.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Analysis

  • Analyzing soil and foundation conditions to determine the best correction method. Only an assessment, not a fix.

Heavy Equipment Use

  • Monument companies often use large equipment such as truck hoists, mobile cranes, or tractors to set new monuments and reset old ones. These tools are not only expensive to purchase but also require ongoing maintenance and are challenging to maneuver into place. The risk of damaging surrounding monuments is high, adding potential costs. 

Pry bars

  • May cause damage to the monument. Based on the overall craftsmanship and tools used, the tools normally used may not be sufficient to do the job or even to accomplish it in a safe manner for both the personnel and the monument.

  • Ask us about our “Tombstone Jack Cowboy system.” This is an engineered pry bar, designed specifically for monument work weighing up to 3,000 pounds.

Why Choose the Tombstone Jack™?

  • Cost-Effective: Priced at only $4,000, the Tombstone Jack™ is a one-time investment that can be used for fixing thousands of monuments. Unlike traditional methods, which often require separate costs for each monument, the Tombstone Jack™ provides craftsmanship capacity with low cost gravel (about $.50 cents per monument) in a reusable solution.

  • Ease of Use: The Tombstone Jack™ is designed for simplicity. It allows users to correct tilted monuments with efficiency and in a safe and productive manner, without the need for specialized training or other large and expensive equipment. It is the safest, most productive and nimble type of equipment, as the heaviest piece weighs only 23 pounds. You can level small tablets and large monuments up to 12,000 pounds without the worry of harming other surrounding monuments (as you might bump into adjacent monuments using methods other than the Tombstone Jack™). The Tombstone Jack™ is small, compact, and can be set up in a matter of 45 minutes or less to lift and level a monument. Our mobile and compact wagon organizer makes for a nimble and productive process as it moves your equipment around safely and quickly. 

  • Reusable: This tool can be used repeatedly, making it an ideal solution for cemetery caretakers who work with craftsmanship to maintain monuments. If you have 35 monuments to level, and pay $4,469 (shipping included) for a Tombstone Jack™, you could charge $127.69 per monument and the jack will have already paid itself off, and if you have a couple volunteers, you can level all 35 monuments in 2-3 days.

  • Non-Invasive: Unlike some traditional methods that require extensive digging or alterations to the monument, the Tombstone Jack™ provides a gentle, safe and controlled lifting process, ensuring confidence with tremendous capacity.


The Tombstone Jack™ is not only more safe and affordable, but also becomes increasingly cost-effective as the number of monuments you need to level increases. It provides confidence, with capacity, to assist you in improving the safety and beauty of your cemetery, one precious grave at a time.

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