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How Much $$$ Does the Tombstone Jack™ Save You?

What's the true value of re-setting and leveling small tablets, tombstones, and monuments? Let's crunch some numbers. Imagine each misaligned monument demanding a hefty $300 or more for restoration. That's a considerable dent in the pocketbook. However, with the Tombstone Jack™ in hand, the cost plummets to a mere $150 per monument, offering substantial savings.

Now, let's talk efficiency. With the Tombstone Jack™, you and a trusty assistant can reset and level ten or more monuments in a single day. Picture the productivity: ten monuments, $150 each, totaling a satisfying $1,500 for a day's labor. Scale that over five days, and you're looking at a handsome $7,500.

But wait, there's more! Efficiency isn't just about time; it's about materials too. By utilizing 3/4" minus size gravel – if it can fall through a 3/4" square hole – you can level between 500 to 700 monuments with a single $300 load of gravel, averaging a mere $0.50 per monument. That's where the Tombstone Jack™ truly shines – maximizing your resources while minimizing your costs.

Let's do a quick cost-benefit analysis. The Tombstone Jack™, priced at $4,000 USD, may seem like a significant investment. But when you consider the savings it generates, the numbers speak for themselves. Add in shipping at $469, and you're still looking at substantial long-term savings.

In the world of cemetery restoration, the Tombstone Jack™ isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer. It's about preserving history, honoring loved ones, and, yes, saving a pretty penny along the way. So, if you're in the business of respecting the past while securing your financial future, the Tombstone Jack™ is your indispensable ally.


 "I paid for my Tombstone Jack and in two days of work... I leveled over 500 monuments from Jan 8 - Feb 28 with my wife and 9 year old grandson. I was paid over $40,000 for this work. The Tombstone Jack was a tremendous blessing and made it possible for us to do this job with safety, capacity and full confidence!" – Paul C.

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